Glare Free DSLR LCD Viewing Loupe

Checking your histogram, composition and focus outdoors is easy with Hoodman’s Compact HoodLoupe. Compact HoodLoupe is worn around your neck like a normal loupe. When it is time to review your image, pull the HoodLoupe out to full extension and place the HoodLoupe over the LCD screen. HoodLoupe optics will also allow you to view images in its compact state. To accommodate those with less perfect vision, HoodLoupe has a +3 diopter adjustment. Precise German glass optics, give you a 1 to 1 ratio for non-pixelated LCD screen viewing. HoodLoupe is encased in hypoallergenic silicone to protect you, your LCD and HoodLoupe from damage. Detachable lanyard and protective storage case included. To facilitate mounting for video capture, HoodLoupe integrates with 1/4 - 20 mounting solutions. It also collapses to 50% of its original size. Suggested retail price is $99.99.

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I have this hanging around my neck whenever I'm shooting, indoors or out. I was pleasantly surprised at how useful this product would be. - Michael Courouleau

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This is so neat! I would personally love to have one. It would be so useful for me especially if I am shooting outdoors and it would be a cute accessory on my camera. Nice product!

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