Give Boudoir Photography a Try with These Tips from Award-Winning Pro Jen Rozenbaum (VIDEO)

Jen Rozenbaum is a wife, mom and an award-winning boudoir photographer, who shot the stunning cover for the March 2018 issue of Shutterbug magazine. In the video below, she demonstrates the posing, communication and shooting techniques that are essential to her success

Rosenbaum launched her photography business just eight years ago, and the tips she provides in this tutorial are based upon some of the mistakes she made early on. Since then, she’s gained acclaim for her ability to make subjects comfortable, a skill she credits for enabling her to “seamlessly shoot a wide variety of looks.”

Proper posing is a key to this tutorial, and Rozenbaum begins by illustrating what she humorously refers to as the “rotisserie chicken” technique. As you might suspect, this trick involves the model reclining on a bed, and slowly turning so that Rozenbaum can capture images from a variety of angles.


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To make certain her scantily clad model feels comfortable, she provides a robe to minimize the amount of skin revealed in the photos. You’ll watch Rozenbaum directed her subject, having her strike a variety of poses, to arrive at the most flattering position.

In addition to demonstrating more posing techniques, Rozenbaum explains the lenses she uses, and provides a few helpful lighting tips. The methods described in the video can be used at home, so why not give boudoir photography a try?

You can see more of Rozenbaum’s work on her website, and find more helpful videos on the CreativeLive YouTube channel. And don’t miss another boudoir photography tutorial we posted recently, with tips for shooting at home with natural light.