GEO-series Tripods

Velbon’s new GEO-series tripods use a unique Carbon Fiber and Basalt composite material which gives the legs added strength and rigidity. They feature Spiral-Etched surfaces for smooth, fast extension as well as unique Lever-Locking leg sections. Each leg is fitted with an adjustable tip, giving the photographer the option of a rubber foot for grounding on slippery surfaces or a spiked foot for rougher terrain. Another unique feature includes Velbon’s new Center Column Quick-Release Lever which allows for fast adjustment of the column height. The two-section center column can be split for low-angle set-up.

For more information about these products, or to see the full Velbon line available in the US, contact us at (888) 381-2390 or visit our website at

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I like the design and look so last longer and have a good performance. - YOR Health