This Functioning Twin Lens Instant LEGO Camera Was Made from an Old Yashica and a Fujifilm Instax Mini

All photos ©Instax Magic

Everyone loves a fun DIY project, and this one spans a couple generations of camera technology. Ingenious Hong Kong photographer Albertino Tam of Instax Magic was able to cobble together a fully functioning twin lens instant camera using parts from a vintage Yashica, a modern Fujifilm Instax Mini instant camera, and a bunch of LEGO blocks.

Tam came up with the idea when he noticed a neighbor throwing out a box of the colorful toy blocks. He says, “I ordered tons of LEGO and it took me a night of experimentation to come up with an initial skeleton deign.”

Tam removed the lens assembly from an old Yashica twin lens camera and the film ejection mechanism from a Fujifilm Instax mini. A preview screen atop the camera allows him to compose his images and a LEGO door on the side hides a button for ejecting the print after the shutter button on the front captures the shot.

Pleased with his results, Tam says, “It is an astounding moment to witness an instant picture popping out of a LEGO camera, not to mention the suspense of seeing the image emerge slowly.”

The video below provides a demo of the project, and be sure to check out our earlier story of a DIY “multipoint” pinhole camera that creates very unique effects.

Via Design Bloom