Full Frame: The Story Behind the Image


© Ami Vitale

A Common Bond
While walking around the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004, photojournalist Ami Vitale spotted a man sitting alone in the desert with his camel. “We did not share the same language to speak to one another but as I approached, he laid his head on his camel’s head,” Vitale recalls. “It was clear he wanted to express something to me. I think he wanted me to understand the bond he had with his camel.” Vitale captured the image with a Nikon D1x and a 16-35mm lens. Settings were 1/160 sec, f/22, focal length 22mm, and ISO unknown. “I’m fascinated by the connection people have with their animals and the natural world,” she says. “I see it everywhere and it shows how much we need these creatures, perhaps more than they need us.” See more of Vitale’s work at her website: www.amivitale.com.