Fujifilm at PMA 2006

Fuji has introduced three new digicams at PMA 2006, the FinePix F30, the FinePix F650, and the FinePix A600. Perhaps the most interesting is their new FinePix F30. It incorporates Fujifilm's second era of Real Photo Technology, containing a sixth generation Super CCD sensor and the RP Processor II. This 6.3 MP FinePix F30 is the world's first point-and-shoot digital camera for consumers with full-resolution ISO equivalency speeds as high as 3200 - a setting previously reserved for higher-end professional digital camera models. Higher light sensitivities allow the FinePix F30 to shoot with faster shutter speeds, which lessen the likelihood of blurred pictures. In addition, the F30 is said to have a battery that can deliver 500 pictures on a single charge.

A new flash system, called i-Flash, works in tandem with Real Photo Technology to intelligently read available light and adjust its power accordingly for proper contrast. This coordinated action exposes subjects more accurately, adjusting intensity and focus point by measuring a variety of environmental scene factors to ultimately capture an image as your eye sees it.

On the film front, Fujifilm commemorates the 20th Anniversary of its invention of the One-Time-Use Camera with the introduction of QuickSnap 1000. The new QuickSnap 1000 models are preloaded with new 1000 speed Fujicolor film with Fujifilm's patented 4th Color Layer Technology -- the highest speed film of any One-Time-Use Camera in the U.S. today. They are available in Flash, Colors (Blue, Red and Purple) and Outdoor versions and provide several important benefits for consumers including a flash range extended to 17 ft. (except for Outdoor model), better action shots and less blur than other Fujifilm models, and better pictures in low light.

Fujifilm has also introduced Fujichrome T64 Professional Film, a new ISO 64 tungsten-type color transparency film that delivers ultra-fine grain and optimum tonal scale and gradation under tungsten lighting. Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates new-generation color couplers and Multi-Color Correction Layer Technology that ensure pure, accurate color reproduction. This film is ideal for a wide range of product shots, interiors, furniture, architecture, certain medical imaging needs and other professional applications requiring tungsten lighting. The new film also possesses excellent color image stability.

And, an increasing rarity at any photo show, Fujifilm has also introduced two new 35mm film cameras.The Fujifilm Clear Shot V ll, with manual film advance and manual flash, and Clear Shot M ll, with Automatic Film Advance and Rewind and Automatic Flash feature focus-free Fujinon lenses and Red-Eye Reduction and offer big, bright viewfinders for easy photo composition.