4 Top Pros Test Fujifilm’s New GFX Medium Format Mirrorless Camera in These Revealing Videos

Fujifilm created quite a buzz in Cologne, Germany at the recent Photokina exposition with the introduction of the distinctive GFX 50S medium format camera, which boasts a compact mirrorless design, 51.4MP resolution and attractive retro styling. In the videos below, four top professional photographers discuss what all the fanfare is about.

The interesting videos come to us courtesy of Fujifilm Global and each features a photographer with a different specialty. In the first clip you’ll get the impressions of Piet Van den Eynde, an outdoor photographer from Belgium.

The GFX, scheduled to ship in January, utilizes Fujifilm’s new G-format sensor that is 70 percent larger than 35mm format. In the second video Norwegian studio photographer Pal Laukli demonstrates how the high-resolution Fujifilm GFX works for him.

Fujifilm has developed three unique lenses to take advantage of what the GFX medium format mirrorless camera has to offer, including the GF 63mm f/2.8R WR prime, the GF 32-64mm f/4R LM WR zoom, and the GF 120mm f/4 macro. In the third video, Spanish wedding photographer Natan Sans describes how Fujifilm’s GFX fits his style of shooting.

Fujifilm says they have additional lenses for the GFX in the works, with details to be announced later. In the fourth video you can see how Chinese landscape photographer Yinghui Wu takes advantage of the compact form factor of Fujifilm’s new high-resolution, mobile camera.

You can read our first impressions of the new Fujifilm GFX 50S here, and our more detailed, hands-on report direct from Photokina. Pricing and an official shipping date have not been set for the Fujifilm GFX digital medium format camera, but we should know more early in 2017.