FOTOFOCUS Cincinnati: October 2012

FOTOFOCUS, a nonprofit arts organization, champions the ubiquity of photography and its important role in contemporary culture. FOTOFOCUS recaptures the spirit of Cincinnati’s legacy as an epicenter of art production and creative exchange, and seeks to revitalize that spirit for the 21st century. Acting as a catalyst for institutional collaboration and community engagement, FOTOFOCUS organizes a month-long biennial celebration spotlighting independently programmed exhibitions of historical and contemporary photography and lensbased Art.

Launching in October 2012, the FotoFocus biennial presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn about and experience the diverse currents of photography. FOTOFOCUS brings together museums, galleries, and universities showcasing world-renowned artists and national and regional standouts. Pop-up venues, community art centers, and other grass roots organizations explore current trends in photography with exhibitions featuring the work of emerging talents and students.

Distinguished by a curatorial mandate set forth in inaugural meetings with the region’s major art institutions and professionals, FOTOFOCUS is co-chaired by James Crump, Chief Curator and Curator of Photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and Raphaela Platow, Alice and Harris Weston Director and Chief Curator of the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. FOTOFOCUS is a concept long envisioned by Thomas R. Schiff, a photographer and lifelong champion of the medium and an advocate for institutional alliances, as exemplified by the Lightborne Visiting Artist and Lecture Series.

Contact Fotofocus Cincinnati
212 E 14th St, 5th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Another pleasing initiative. Two thumbs up for this efforts so far. - Mallory Fleming