Fotodiox GoTough WonderPanaGo Filter System for GoPro Cameras

Fotodiox ( has revealed the GoTough WonderPanaGo, a smaller version of its professional WonderPana filter system designed to perfectly fit the GoPro HERO3 camera. The WonderPanaGo is the flagship product in Fotodiox’s new GoTough product line, which features durable, high-impact aluminum camera accessories for GoPro cameras, including mounts and rigs in a variety of colors to match team branding, existing gear, and to make GoPro equipment stand out amongst the competition.

Composed of premium grade anodized aluminum and optical grade glass, Fotodiox’s WonderPanaGo is a miniature version of its original WonderPana filter system, engineered to bolt onto the popular GoPro HERO3 action camera. The WonderPanaGo includes a sturdy all-metal mount for the GoTough custom filter system. The filter mount attaches easily onto the original HERO3's waterproof case, keeping the camera safe from water and protecting it against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor photography and videography. New add-on professional grade filters are available in a kit that includes an ND8 filter for shooting in bright conditions, a Circular Polarizer, a UV protective filter, and a custom lens cap. The GoTough Dive Filter Kit includes new pink and purple glass filters to correct color balance during underwater action shots.

GoTough Thumbscrews and Sharkbite
GoTough Thumbscrews are precision engineered in long-lasting aluminum for high strength and professional good looks. The thumbscrews are a direct replacement for original GoPro camera screws and are more durable than equivalent plastic accessories while still remaining lightweight. Each thumbscrew is available in seven different color finishes and three different lengths: 25mm, 35mm, and 45mm.

For help tightening or loosening a GoPro Thumbscrew, the unique all-metal GoTough Sharkbite is more than just a wrench. The Sharkbite is custom-designed to adjust both original GoPro thumbscrews as well as aluminum GoTough thumbscrews. This wrench is designed to provide a tighter fit when mounting a GoPro and offers an extra secure grip when building larger setups that use multiple extensions and thumbscrews. The Sharkbite features a built-in hole for lanyard or keychain portability, and sports an integrated bottle opener – ideal for celebrating after a long day of shooting.

GoTough CamCase and CamCam Double Camera Case
The GoTough CamCase features a custom molded compartment to securely protect GoPro cameras of any generation. The CamCase’s crush resistant outer shell, combined with the internal high-impact molded foam and mesh pocket, helps keep a GoPro camera and its accessories safe and secure while remaining lightweight. The case is perfect for fitting into a backpack and protecting equipment from scratches, shock and dust.

The GoTough CamCam Double Camera Case offers the same protection, portability and features as the GoTough CamCase, with room to secure and protect two cameras. Both camera cases are compatible with all generations of GoPro cameras, including GoPro HERO1, GoPro HERO2, or GoPro HERO3.

GoTough Grip and Wedge
The GoTough Grip is even tougher than a GoPro camera, with all-metal construction designed to endure the most rugged conditions. The Grip works with any action camera and a cold shoe mount is also included for easily adding a light or microphone while still remaining compact for one-handed operation.

For action photographers and filmmakers looking for customizability and dozens of mounting options, a new two-handed grip is now available: the GoTough Wedge. The Wedge is user-configurable and features an amazing 40 possible mounting points for cameras and accessories. The Wedge also comes with both threaded and non-threaded pass throughs for ultimate mounting flexibility.

GoTough Tripod Mounts and Extender
Fotodiox’s new GoTough Tripod Mounts are compatible with all GoPro housings. Two Tripod Mounts with built-in tightening thread are available for sale: the GoTough Tripod Mount that connects with all HERO3, HERO2 and HD HERO original cameras, and the GoTough QR Tripod Mount which works perfectly with all clip-in GoPro “quick release” mounts, while enabling users to quickly attach a camera to any standard tripod mount. Both mounts are constructed of lightweight aluminum for more durability than traditional plastic mounts, and are available in an assortment of colors.

The GoTough Extender features a built-in tightening thread, meaning the days of losing acorn nuts are over. The Extender is the perfect size to add an extra pivot point to a GoPro rig, or for those times where an extra inch is needed without changing the direction that a camera is facing (as most extender mounts typically do).

Availability and Pricing
The GoTough WonderPanaGo filter system and the accessories within the GoTough product line are available for order starting today on, as well as Prices range from $9.95 to $149.95, and each GoTough product comes with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty.