Look at the Amazing Winners of a Nat Geo Photo Contest: Hard to Believe They Were Shot by "Kids"

Grand Prize Winner ©Dewi Baggerman, age 11, Netherlands

Great photographers come in all nationalities, shooting styles, and ages, as you can see from these amazing images entered in the 2016 National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids. The images you see here are among the just-announced winners and runners up.

The contest received over 46,000 entries from across the globe, and believe it or not, were all submitted by photographers 6-14 years of age per contest rules. Dewi Baggerman of the Netherlands, age 11, was named Grand Prize Winner for the beautiful image above.

First Place, Weird but True ©Kate Anderson, age 12, U.S.

Photographers were invited to submit images in four categories: 1) Amazing Animals, 2) Dare to Explore, 3) Weird But True, and 4) Wild Vacation. The humorous image you see above won First Place in the Weird But True category for 12-year-old Kate Anderson of the U.S.

First Place among U.S. entrants, Amazing Animals ©Dustin Hopkins, age 13, U.S.

Because of the age limit, this is the first contest we’ve covered in which photographers were required to include the permission of a parent when submitting their entries. The stunning image above earned First Place among U.S. entrants in the Amazing Animals category for 13-year-old Dustin Hopkins of the U.S.

Runner Up Overall ©Pan Yinzhi, age 13, China.

Images made with either digital or film cameras were eligible, and photographers had the option of submitting digital files, prints, transparencies, or negatives. Thirteen-year-old Pan Yinzhi of China was an overall Runner Up for the vivid photograph you see above.

Honorable Mention, Amazing Animals ©Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis, age 10,. Nertherlands

Judges evaluated based images upon creativity and photographic quality, and they awarded an Honorable Mention in the Amazing Animals category to 10-year-old Jennifer Jayne Evans Koumbatis of the Netherlands for the above photo..

First Place, Dare to Explore ©Riley Harlan, age 12, U.S.

The striking image above earned First Place in the Dare to Explore category for 12-year-old U.S. photographer Riley Harlan. The beautiful shot below of an iguana won First Place in the Amazing Animals category for 13-year-old Maj Kastelic of Slovenia.

First Place, Amazing Animals ©Maj Kastelic, age 13, Slovenia

You can read more about this contest and view all the impressive winning images on the National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids website.

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