FLM Ball Head

The CB-58FTR is FLM's largest ball head, built to accept both a horizontal and vertical load of up to 130 lbs. It weighs well under 2 lbs thanks to its hollow CNC-machined ball. Photographers requiring extra precision will enjoy the tilt lock feature, allowing one to lock the side-to-side movement of the ball head, at any angle, and permitting only front-to-back movement of the ball. Panoramic shooting and stitching is easily done using the PRS knob for precise audible and tactile clicks at every 15˚ when panning. The Friction Memory Ring will lock the friction at a pre-set value, enabling the photographer to tighten the ball head further, but not loosen it any further, until the Memory Ring is dis-engaged, preventing any mishaps when attaching or removing the camera to and from the ball head.

FLM, German makers of precision tripods and ball heads, is being re-introduced to the the USA and Canada through its North American distributor, FLM Canada. FLM has been constantly innovating ever since it designed and manufactured its ball heads with tilt lock almost 20 years ago. The company also makes high-quality CF tripods, leveling bases and quick-release systems. All FLM products are made in Germany, and all carry a 10-year warranty.

For more information, and a list of dealers, please visit www.flmcanada.com

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This is probably the best panoramic shooting ever! With this horizontal and vertical effect, we'll never miss any of the scenes. - Scott Safadi