Flashpoint Brackets at Adorama

Adorama offers photographers a great selection of Flashpoint brackets to choose from online and in its Manhattan-based store. Varying in shapes and sizes, these brackets can be used to attach speedlights, video lights or other lighting accessories that enhance photos. Specifically, flash brackets afford photographers greater control in changing the direction of light, and they can help prevent red eye.

The Flashpoint Folding Bracket for Shoe Mount Flashes – This new folding bracket is reversible and works on both sides of a camera or camcorder. It mounts on a tripod if necessary and folds on itself to be completely flat for easy storage and transportation. It is compatible with almost all compact digital cameras and camcorders. The bracket raises the light above the camera to help reduce red-eye and rotates 90º to allow for horizontal and vertical positioned shooting. It is available now for 15.95 USD.

Flashpoint Camera Cage Bracket with Many Shoes – This square bracket from Flashpoint features aluminum top and bottom mounting plates with two foam-covered side handles for easy handling. The bar offers nine slots for shoe mounts and multiple ¼ x 20 and ⅜ x 16 threaded holes. The bracket comes standard with quick release and top handle, and allows for the mounting of microphones, remotes, lights and more. Case is included. It is available now for 64.00 USD.

Flashpoint Flash Bracket Quick Flip With Removable Shoe – The Quick Flip Flash Bracket offers high value, compact size, light weight and fast handling. It accepts all DSLR cameras except those with large accessory battery packs or motor drives. The bracket has a ¼ x 20 stud for removing the shoe, and the top of the bracket has additional ¼ x 20 holes to mount additional accessories. It is available now for 19.00 USD.

Flashpoint Heavy Duty L-Bracket – The all-aluminum Adorama Heavy Duty L-Bracket is designed to hold the camera vertically. It has two standard shoe mounts, allowing two units of any type of flash to be mounted to it, and can be mounted on a ¼ x 20 tripod stud. The bracket offers a quick flip design, eliminates red eye and softens harsh shadows. It is available now for 8.49 USD.

Adorama Straight Bracket – The twin flash bracket is excellent for macro photography and offers the ultimate in flexibility, allowing two units of any type of flash to be mounted. When the flash is connected to a movable arm, flash positioning is simple. This 11” bracket can be mounted on ¼ x 20 or ⅜ studs. It is available now for 8.95 USD.

Visit the Adorama Learning Center to learn more about On-Camera Flash Basics and to find out why accessories like brackets are a wedding photographer’s best friend.

Visit the Adorama website to discover additional Flashpoint bracket offerings and other competitively priced professional photography and video accessories from Flashpoint including clapboards, microphone flags and viewfinders.

Pricing and Availability
These and more Flashpoint brackets ship for free (7-10 day delivery) when ordered online at Adorama.com and are also available at the Adorama superstore located at 42 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011.

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I don't have a problem with good practicle ideas. How ever" I am amazed that this contraption even made it on your Website?
Why on earth I ask would anyone buy something impracticable like this?
Is it not enough holding a camera trying to keep taps on your desired Camera settings let alone looking Ridiculous?