FireFly Sensor CleanerNRD

LLC announces the release of its latest version of their FireFlyR Digital Sensor Cleaner (FireFlyR). The new FireFly features a timed "on-off" switch and a more convenient battery compartment. This portable equipment is so easy to use that photographers will be able operate the device for cleaning their equipment with one hand.

The FireFly's Air Ionization technology eliminates the static charges that cause dust particles to cling to the camera's sensor. The time and money saved on not having to re-touch photos or needing to send the camera out for a professional cleaning may pay for the FireFly after its first use.

The FireFly eliminates both positive and negative charges on the internal components of the camera. The FireFly includes a replaceable 20-micronin-line filter to ensure the ionized air stream is free of particulate or other contaminants.

Dust, dirt, and other particulate matter come from many sources and can become attached to interior surfaces of the camera body, mirror, and shutter. This particulate matter is attracted to the sensor and is held in place by electrostatic charges on the surface of the sensor. The FireFly, powered by a 9-volt battery, uses advanced ionizing technology to direct a burst of anti-static air onto the sensor. Once the sensor is static free, the non-fixed dirt and dust particles simply fall off the sensor and are flushed out of the camera body, eliminating the specs seen in developed photographs.

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