Fine Art Printing DVD-ROM

Calumet Photographic has joined forces with Luminous Landscape in releasing the latest entry for its Imagemaker collection of educational and instructional DVDs, Fine Art Printing: From Digital Camera to Print, Video Tutorials with Michael Reichmann & Jeff Schewe.

Anyone can learn the craft of fine art printing from landscape photographer Michael Reichmann and digital photo guru Jeff Schewe, two masters of the digital media. They provide a detailed, conversational review of every step, from importing images onto your computer to a framed print. This DVD-ROM will play on any Windows PC or Mac, anywhere in the world, and contains six hours and 40 minutes of video content which was previously available as a download only at the Luminous site.

It is an ongoing challenge to produce digital files in-camera that are optimized for printing, and then to work with the best contemporary software and hardware tools to produce quality prints. Michael and Jeff explore in-depth virtually every topic that needs to be covered, from camera settings to printer settings (both Windows and Mac), raster image processors, paper types and choices, soft proofing, current printer models, color management, profiling options, rendering intents and monochrome printing. If it is about printing, Jeff and Michael cover it!

The feedback on the nearly seven hours of video tutorials in Fine Art Printing: From Digital Camera To Print has been very positive. "Of all the resources available to the aspiring photographer today, this tutorial is firmly in the #1 slot for anyone who wants to improve their printing output," said Jeff Ball.

"It is amazing the stuff you thought you knew until you hear it explained again, properly. Well done on a really comprehensive series on printing and all the stuff connected with it," said Anthony Hobbs of the National College of Art & Design. "I will be showing sections to my students when I start back in college in late September. Michael and Jeff make a great tag team and are a font of knowledge."

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