Fashion Photographer Arrested When Cop Claims Ring Is Dangerous Brass Knuckles (VIDEO)

A Brooklyn fashion photographer is fighting a recent arrest where he says a police officer mistook a harmless two-finger ring for a pair of dangerous brass knuckles.

The photographer, Andre L Perry who has shot ads for Reebok and Nordstrom, was arrested on a New York City subway platform last month on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, one for having the ring and the other for “intent to use it unlawfully against another,” according to a copy of the criminal compliant.

But Perry, who captured video of the arrest (see below) on his cell phone, says the $30 ring is just a fashion accessory he bought at a Williamsburg, Brooklyn flea market.

“I bought this ring with the intent of wearing it as jewelry,” Perry told DNAinfo, which first covered this story. “I've been wearing it for over a year, and never had a problem."

Perry was eventually released without bail and now is planning to hire criminal defense attorney Mark Bederow before his next court date in mid-January 2015.

"A fashionable person wearing a two-finger flat, gold ring marketed and sold as legitimate jewelry, and worn exclusively as such, should not be treated as a criminal accused of being in possession of a weapon," Bederow told DNAinfo.

"A case involving the legitimate possession of jewelry, which arguably looks like metal knuckles, screams out for the use of prosecutorial discretion and the dismissal of all criminal charges."

According to DNAinfo, this isn’t the first time the arresting officer, Jonathan Correa, has been accused of making a false weapons possession arrest. In October 2014, Correa and the NYPD were sued in federal court by Joseph Cracco, a chef who was arrested by Correa a year before for allegedly carrying a gravity knife. Cracco claims the folding knife he was busted for was legal and simply used for opening boxes.

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