EZDigiMagic Portable Memory Card-To-DVD Burner

EZPnP has developed its first portable memory card backup device with photo viewing capability. The new EZDigiMagic model DM220-P08 allows users to burn files directly from memory cards to CD or DVD discs.  Additionally, its 2” color TFT screen can preview images from either the memory card or the backup disc—all without using a computer.  The preview function also offers both multiple-image and single-image viewing, while providing zoom-in, zoom-out, and scrolling options for each photo that’s displayed.

The EZDigiMagic DM220- D08 has additional advanced features that include:  a “USB Host Function” for downloading pictures and videos directly from cameras, camcorders or USB flash drives; and “Video-Out Capability”, which allows users to connect to a T.V. for image display and video playback.  

Lightweight and portable, the DM220-D08 weighs less than two pounds, and can be powered by four rechargeable Ni-MH batteries or an AC power adapter (included).  And, it’s easy to operate.  Whether connecting to a camera, copying from a memory card, or reading a USB flash drive, the product’s single-touch controls will allow file back-ups to be completed within minutes.  

For added versatility, a USB 2.0 cable is provided, which allows this portable digital storage unit to be used as an external DVD burner and player for either a PC or Mac.  It also accepts all major memory card formats, including high-speed and high-capacity varieties (CF High-Speed, UDMA & SDHC).  The EZDigiMagic DM220-P08 is currently available for direct-shipment from the company’s Texas distribution center, and has a suggested retail price of $399.00.