Extensis Portfolio Server 8.5 and Adobe Creative Suite 3

Extensis has announced Portfolio Server 8.5, a significant upgrade in its Portfolio Server digital asset management (DAM) product. The Portfolio Server upgrade provides industrial-strength workflow features to organize and exchange digital files utilizing visual catalogs and embedded metadata. Portfolio Server is a multi-channel system that makes it fast and easy to find and share valuable creative assets within the creative workgroup, across the organization and externally with global partners. The Portfolio 8.5 product family includes Portfolio Server, Portfolio Client, Portfolio Express, Portfolio NetPublish and SQL Connect modules, as well as a Single-User version of Portfolio.

Portfolio Server 8.5 includes new features to automate metadata-driven organization, tracking, and distribution of digital assets. Additionally, this release includes Portfolio Project Sync, designed to allow creative users a seamless interface with familiar Adobe Creative Suite applications. Creative users simultaneously benefit from Portfolio Server's ability to provide access to other users through the Portfolio Client, Portfolio Express and websites created with Portfolio NetPublish, Portfolio Server 8.5 provides unique access points for both internal and external users.

Portfolio Server 8.5 comes with Project Sync and includes several enhancements, including improved XMP and file format support, greater performance and stability, as well as additional features that help automate management of complex metadata. Portfolio NetPublish 8.5 also includes a number of new features, including advanced logging for reporting user traffic as well as visual watermarking functionality, for images, to prevent unauthorized use.

Pricing and Availability
Portfolio Server 8.5 for workgroups will be available for download and purchase in Summer 2007. Portfolio Server 8.5 and all client components will be available free of charge for existing customers with Annual Service Agreements (ASA). Pricing for all other versions, including upgrades, will be announced prior to product availability in summer 2007.

French, German and Japanese language versions of Portfolio will also be available in summer, 2007.

For information on where to purchase the Portfolio family of products visit http://www.extensis.com/portfolio.

System Requirements

Portfolio 8.5 will support Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2 or Vista, Pentium class processor at 1GHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 500 MB Hard Drive space, Network Interface for server connection, Apple QuickTime version 7 or higher. Portfolio 8.5 will also support Mac OS X 10.4.4 or higher, G4, G5 or Intel Core Processor at 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, 500MB Hard Drive space, Network Interface for server connection, Apple QuickTime version 7 or higher.