ExpressDigital DARKROOM Free Trial

ExpressDigital announces an aggressive and special promotion for school and ‘team and individual’ photographers to download a free trial of DARKROOM Assembly Edition and purchase the software with free training before the new school year begins. DARKROOM Assembly Edition is the industry’s only award-winning workflow software designed for school and team photographers that can be purchased outright, does not require any plug-ins, completely manages nine different workflow scenarios, features greenscreen, template-builders, online storefronts and lab connection, and that interacts seamlessly with cameras, work stations, barcode scanners, and digital media burners all while automating business functions.

The sale price for DARKROOM Assembly Edition is tiered in that the retail price is discounted 30% for purchases during the month of June, 20% off in the month of July, and 10% off in the month of August via the company’s exclusive Assembly Edition dealer. This unique style of promotion was designed in collaboration with ExpressDigital’s Assembly Edition training partners in order to encourage school photographers to take advantage of incredible prices as soon as possible in order to set up, configure and receive free training before September 1st.

The solution’s webpage,, has been designed to describe the promotion, feature quality aspects of the software, answer frequently asked questions, and provide a free trial download. or