ExpressDigital Announces Darkroom Assembly Edition Update

ExpressDigital announces a re-release of DARKROOM Assembly Edition, software designed for school and team photographers that can be purchased outright, is plug-in free, completely manages nine different workflow scenarios, features greenscreen, online storefronts and lab connection, and that interacts seamlessly with cameras, work stations, barcode scanners, and digital media burners all while automating business functions. To commemorate this innovation, ExpressDigital further reveals an agreement with Desktop Darkroom to serve as a dedicated support and service arm available to provide free comprehensive online training and one-year phone support --as well as $1,300 in free software and templates through August.

To note, this remarkable re-launch coupled with training, support and software giveaways is the most significant opportunity made by ExpressDigital to school and sport specialty photographers in the company’s 15-year history. ExpressDigital’s CEO, Graham McFarland explains, “We are taking advantage of our unique opportunity to celebrate and provide the most relevant solution at a price and promotion that ensures that school and team-sport photographers have every tool available to succeed. This past year we worked closely with manufacturers, school photography entrepreneurs and large institutions to ensure that our software will holistically improve productivity and efficiency while, more importantly, doing so better than ever before.”

Updates of Assembly Edition to version 8.91 are free to anyone that currently owns version 8.9. Upgrades and purchases are available online via New features are also detailed such as enhanced data entry and import features, new batch ordering and product composite tools, and the largest list of compatible printers, cameras, technologies, and product templates available to the industry. Version 8.9, launched in January 2008, introduced Assembly Edition users to online photography storefronts and push-button lab connectivity among other tools.