Explore This Treasure Trove of 2 Million Images from the First 100 Years of Photography

©Karl Heinrich Lammel

Europeana Collections is a vast repository of art, photography, fashion, music and other objects from galleries and museums across Europe who want a wider audience for their treasures. Their new “Europeana Photography” collection is an amazing digital library of images from over 50 European institutions in 34 different countries.

©Nicola Persheid

This wide-ranging collection includes iconic images from a number of pioneering photographers, including Louis Daguerre, Eadweard Muybridge and Julia Margaret Cameron. The project was created in collaboration with the International Consortium for Photographic Heritage—a non-profit association devoted to promoting a wider appreciation of the culture of photography.

©George Hendrik Breitner

In addition to galleries of individual photographers, the “Europeana Photography” collection includes works sorted by style or technique, like “Cyanotypes” and “Stereoscopes.”

©Julia Magaret Cameron

When you visit the searchable Europeana Collections website you’ll not only find this latest archive from the first 100 years of photography, but other online photo-related exhibitions including “Industrial Photography in the Machine Age” and “Wilheim Weimar”—a unique portfolio of organic compositions from 1901.

©Louis Dageurre

In all, the vast Europeana Collections archive includes million of artworks, photographs and objects that are available online in a multitude of languages. The written records include recent blog posts, documents, and older editorial contributions.

©Eadweard Muybridge

A visit to the online “Europeana Photography” collection is a must, and we also encourage you to visit the main website for other treasures. And if you are interested in the history of photography, be sure to look at our earlier story with images from the Farm Security Administration archives.