Elegant Accessory For Laptop Computer Users

Plasticsmith has introduced a slick (and functional) accessory for those whose laptop does double duty as a desktop computer. Constructed of laser-cut steel with a polished acrylic platform, the attractive Lapvantage Loft raises your computer to eye level for optimal viewing. There's room beneath the platform to store an external keyboard--a nice feature for those with limited desk space.

This elegant laptop stand is available in black or metallic finishes, and platform options include clear, blue-edged, and white acrylic. The unit's built-in swivel rotates 360°--a handy feature when presenting your images to others.

Ideal for use with laptops up to 15 inches, the Lapvantage Loft comes complete with 3M gumdrop feet that you can attach to the top of the platform. This enables air to circulate freely under your computer to avoid overheating. For more information about Plasticsmith's full line of computer accessories, please visit their website at www.plasticsmith.com.