Easy-to-Use Monitor Calibration Tool From Pantone

Pantone, Inc. has announced the availability of huey, an easy-to-use monitor calibration tool developed in partnership with GretagMacbeth. The unique, affordable device is about the size of a small marker and delivers excellent results on LCD, laptop and CRT displays without requiring users to have any knowledge of color management. In addition, huey is the first monitor calibration device to continually adjust the monitor as room lighting changes.

In less than five minutes, huey can calibrate a user's monitor and adjust it based on their primary viewing activity--viewing photos, playing games, creating graphics or browsing the Web. The affordable device delivers accurate onscreen color, a crucial component for anyone who cares about color fidelity.

Available through Pantone and its resellers, huey is priced at $89 and is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. More information is available at www.pantone.com.