DSLRs vs Mirrorless Cameras: Has the Rise of Mirrorless Cameras Killed the DSLR?

Over a year ago, photographer Pierre T. Lambert ditched his Nikon DSLR and bought a Sony A7R III mirrorless camera. Then, in a popular video on his YouTube channel, he went on to detail some of things he liked about mirrorless and some of the things he didn't. Now, in 2019, he has decided to take another look at the DSLR vs Mirrorless debate.

Specifically, Lambert is wondering if "DSLR cameras are dead in 2019 or not?" and whether photographers should now "get a mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR." In the below video, Lambert shares some of his positive and negative experiences with mirrorless over the past year and reassesses whether he made the right choice to switch.

Spoiler alert: today he's happier than ever with his decision to go mirrorless. "In 2019, things have completely changed," Lambert says, before mentioning all the improvements to Sony's cameras in the past year, along with the entrance of Nikon and Canon into the full frame mirrorless market.

Watch his video below where he tries to answer the question: "Is it still worth it to have a DSLR in 2019?" Whether you're a new fan of mirrorless or still a dyed-in-the-wool DSLR user, Lambert's enlightening video is worth a look.