Digital High End Photography Book from Sinar

Sinar, AG has released the latest edition to their lineup of fine photography books. Digital High End Photography, written by Romano Padeste and Helmut Kraus, gives today's photographers the insight into the demanding world of high end photography using the latest digital equipment. Digital High End Photography explains the basics of digital photography in an easy-to-understand way. It includes valuable information for mastering even the most demanding jobs from image capture to the final printed product.

The book covers light and color, color systems, image sensors, digital cameras, digital images, and proofs and printing. In addition, there is a separate section with scenarios and workflows, designed by the world's leading photographers including Lois Greenfield, Ali Artli, Markus Kujawa, and Al Hamdan. Numerous camera formats are covered in the book, including Digital Compact, Digital 35mm, Medium Format and View Cameras with Digital Backs.

The 112 page book can be purchased from Sinar Bron Imaging directly at (800) 456-0203 or from any Authorized Sinar Bron Imaging Dealer.