DigiLabs Web Galleries Pro

DigiLabs Pro introduced its new Web Galleries Pro, a completely redesigned tool for creating custom online storefronts for professional photographers. Studio owners and independent photographers will benefit from enhanced page layouts and tools meant to increase productivity and make it even easier for their clients to select and purchase images online.

DigiLabs’ Web Galleries Pro provides photographers a template to easily create online galleries for customers to proof and order prints and photo products. Photographers are able to build a personalized gallery that reflects their own style and brand that seamlessly integrates into the existing website. In just minutes, they can access any number of color schemes, fonts, image sizes and more using the free software provided by DigiLabs. Other updates to the galleries’ functionality translate to an improvement in overall load time and greater ease of use with redesigned categorization. Samples are available at http://www.digilabspro.com/web-galleries/sample-galleries.shtml.

Web Galleries Pro features include:

Improved client side experience
New page layouts
Improved slideshow capabilities, including full-screen zoom
New zoom tool
Updated favorite tool options
New border preview tool
Faster uploads
Sharing of photobooks and albums within the galleries
Maximized image size based on clients screen resolution

“We continue to hear from professional photographers that they look for tools to allow their clients to purchase prints and other products online, but without leaving the security of the pro’s site and familiar branding. DigiLabs’ Web Galleries provide a seamless transition for the end-customer,” said Chanan Steinhart, CEO and a co-founder of DigiLabs. “Web Galleries Pro has also been developed on a new technology platform which enables photographers to rapidly create a gallery that mirrors their own web site, and one that makes it quick and easy for clients to view and order the prints of their choice. The new platform will also enable DigiLabs Pro to easily add features and functionality in the months ahead.”

Web Galleries Classic, with the traditional design of previous galleries, will continue to be available for a limited time. When uploading, users will have the option to choose which type gallery they would like to use. More information is posted at http://blog.digilabspro.com.

Availability and Pricing
Web Galleries Pro are available immediately to professional photographers. There are several flexible programs and pricing options based on hosting and volume needs of the photographer. A complete list of options is available at http://www.digilabspro.com/web-galleries/easy-plans.shtml.

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