On-Demand Adobe Photoshop Elements Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn a specific Adobe© Photoshop© Elements technique quickly and easily, with a pro guiding you all along the way? Now you can with full-quality, on-demand lessons at www.ricksammon.com.

Twenty-four 3-minute lessons are available in 3-lesson bundles for a purchase price of $5.95 per bundle. Photo enthusiasts can learn specific enhancements -- everything from using layers and sharpening images to hand-coloring and converting color files to black-and-white images. The lessons are presented in the QuickTime movie format that captures Rick's voice and his on-screen enhancements. It's like having Rick right there with you, showing you and talking you through each step of the process. Using QuickTime technology, users can stop the movies and go "back in time" if they miss a step in the enhancement process. Each lesson comes with a JPEG work image, so users can apply Rick's suggestions to the images during their practice sessions.

An introduction movie and free demo lesson is posted to give viewers a glimpse of Rick's friendly teaching style and the innovative QuickTime technology. DSL or cable modem is recommend for fast downloads. Lessons are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. An interactive DVD of all 24 lessons and works images, which includes a bonus 25th lesson and Rick's e-book, The Camera Looks Both Ways, is available for $39.95 (plus shipping and handling). For more information, see www.ricksammon.com.