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Combining delicious web design with delightful photography, M.E. Parker is a Florida-based photographer who doesn't mind getting chilly. Don't believe me? Visit the Alaska collection to see for yourself. Her other image collections include Monochromes, Places, Wings, Vistas, Details, and, my personal favorite, Light and Color. Oh sure, there is a dramatic use of light and color to be seen in the tranquil images found in this collection, but there is also a sense of place. You can almost hear Jimmy Buffett singing in the distance when you look at "last light, barefoot beach, florida." Yup, there's a lot of lower-case usage on the site's text. You can insert your own Jungian interpretation here, but it never gets in the way of Parker's obvious talent and skills in interpreting nature in a manner that is at once realistic, yet romantic.

Her monochrome images are a mixed bag with the "woody" ones best suited for a black and white treatment, although "moss covered roots" has a Uelsmannesque quality--without apparent image manipulation. Places contains lush imagery of cactuses in Arizona to waterfalls in North Carolina, both handled with a lightness of touch that never gets in the way of letting Mother Nature tell her own story. Don't leave without looking into Details. This collection is a potpourri of mostly delicate and lushly illuminated flower images, but also contains subtle sketches of nature, such as "ruts in the grass." Sounds boring, doesn't it? But like all of Parker's nature photography, it's anything but...

© 2006, M.E. Parker Photography, All Rights Reserved
Julian Franke was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He attended Indiana University and Purdue University and currently lives near Indianapolis. I was especially impressed with his honesty: "I am always learning, always changing." He says that he doesn't "want to be categorized and labeled as a specific type of photographer" and based on the three galleries on his site, Franke's clearly at home whether working with people or scenic images. The site is clearly designed to take advantage of Cinema Display widescreen monitors and scrolls left and right rather than up and down.

The Weddings gallery contains studio and location images in monochrome, color, and sometimes both, as is the case of a bridal couple posed with a red and white 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. Love the car; love the shot. Franke's site has big thumbnails and even bigger photographs so potential clients can see the quality of his work. That's just part of the honesty that pervades the design. The other part is the direct yet friendly way his Portrait subjects, including a cute pooch, are portrayed. The oddly named Wall Art (where else would you hang it?) contains black and white and color scenic images and while I'll confess to enjoying his monochrome imagery more, the stormy color photograph titled "Churubusco, IN" has cinematic qualities that would look great on anybody's wall.

© 2006, Julian Franke, All Rights Reserved


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