Datacolor's Spyder3Express

Datacolor is combining its intimate knowledge of the photographic digital workflow with a longtime heritage as an innovator in color management systems to develop an advanced, yet easy-to-use monitor calibration system for consumers and photo enthusiasts.  Datacolor realizes that everyone with a digital SLR is not a pro but most enjoy achieving results like one.  To help enthusiasts move a step closer to achieving this goal, Datacolor is introducing the new Spyder3Express monitor calibration system.

Datacolor's Spyder3Express ensures accurate, reliable and consistent colors every time so photographs, including tonal ranges in black-and-white photos, will always look their best and brightest.  The Spyder3Express monitor calibration system provides an intuitive user interface for easy use in a few simple steps.  In addition, the combination of both Mac and PC compatibility, along with unlimited license seats, means consumers can calibrate every computer monitor in the house, regardless of the Operating System or quantity.

“Viewing your images on a computer monitor is usually the first phase of editing, organizing, and sharing your photographs, regardless of what you ultimately do with the photos," said Christoph Gamper, Vice President, Consumer Business Unit, Datacolor.  "Proper monitor calibration is critical for sharing your vision with others but many consumers don't calibrate because they believe it's too expensive or complicated.  Spyder3Express quickly dispels that myth by making the process very easy and extremely affordable," Mr. Gamper added.

Datacolor's family of Spyder calibration products offers solutions for every level of photography including hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals. 

Spyder3Express: Automated monitor calibration with no technical expertise or knowledge necessary.

Spyder3Pro: Ambitious photo enthusiasts who enjoy taking photos, shares work online, makes prints and creates books.

Spyder3Elite: For the professional who needs sophisticated software that allows customized controls including Beamer Calibration.

Datacolor's new spyder3Express monitor calibration system is available at electronics and photo specialty retailers with a suggested list price of $89.00.