Covering The Photo Beat; “Rock” Tripods, Tilt Heads, Background Panels, And A Moon Unit

The Rock Tripod Series From Carson Optical
The new "Rock" series of tripods includes four models: The Rock Professional, which can be adjusted from 26" to 65"; The Rock Deluxe, from 25" to 61"; The Rock Original, from 21" to 54"; and The Rock Junior, from 11" to 181¼2". The Rock Professional and Deluxe models feature nonslip, retractable spiked feet while the Original and Rock Junior offer nonslip feet. They all offer durable, three-section aluminum legs with quick-release locks, a three-part center brace, a quick-release shoe, a bubble level, and a hook to hang your camera bag or other steadying object. Contact: Carson Optical, 35 Gilpin Ave., Hauppauge, NY 11788; (800) 967-8427;

The Rock Junior

The Rock Original

The Rock Deluxe

The Rock Professional

The Moon Unit Accessory From AlienBees
The Moon Unit was made for use with the ABR800 Studio Ringflash to produce an evenly illuminated circle of light. It features an octagonal-shaped reversible gold/silver reflector with a removable front diffusion panel and a hole in the center to accommodate the ABR800. When the black fabric mask is removed the Moon Unit transforms into a 31" octabox and when the diffuser is removed it becomes a silver or gold umbrella. The MSRP is $59.95. Contact: AlienBees, a Division of Paul C. Buff, Inc., 2723 Bransford Ave., Nashville, TN 37204; (877) 714-3381;

Cullmann's Magnesit Three-Way Tilt Heads
These tilt heads are created for use with video, portrait, and nature photography. The Cullmann Magnesit 40300 offers stability and precise control. It features ergonomically-designed, nonslip handles for the swivel levers so they can be positioned for 360Þ panorama and +90Þ/-30Þ forward, backward, and side tilt. All of the heads are equipped with a reversible 1¼4" or 3¼8" mounting stud and a round mounting platform. Quick-release platforms are available for all models. The Magnesit 40300 has an MSRP of $199, and the 40290 three-way photo video head has an MSRP of $99. Contact: R.T.S. Inc., 40-11 Burt Dr., Deer Park, NY 11729; (631) 242-6801;

Faux Brick Pedestals
Backyard Pool has unveiled a new line of faux brick pedestals and columns in white and sandstone. They are available in five different sizes: 27, 34, 41, and 48" tall pedestals as well as an 8-foot column. Crafted from lightweight and durable polyethylene, they are weatherproof, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. Pricing starts at $135.50 plus shipping. Contact: Backyard Pool, 236 Turkey Hill Rd., Bloomsbury, NJ 08804; (440) 998-5635;