Cotton Carrier Camera Systems

The Cotton Carrier is a one, or two, camera carrying system that keeps your camera secure while providing comfortable and even weight distribution across your shoulders.

The system consists of a Vest Harness, a second removable Side Holster (that can also be used on your camera backpack or waist belt), Camera Hubs (comprising of a hard anodized aluminum, a marine-grade stainless steel bolt, and a rubber washer) and two Camera Tethers (security leashes). By threading the Camera Hub into your camera’s 1/4” tripod mount, you slide your camera in the Vest Harness or Camera Holster for secure camera carrying. A superior benefit of the Cotton Carrier is your camera can only be removed and inserted into the harness by turning the camera to a 45 degree angle.

The Cotton Carrier will appeal to wedding photographers for the ability to easily manage two cameras, nature photographers for keeping their camera secure and free from swinging around while hiking through the forest, and sports photographers who are engaged in active sports.

Another feature of the Cotton Carrier is the ability to adapt the system to most tripod manufacturers’ plates. By simply purchasing an additional Quick Release Clamp, the Cotton Carrier can now be used on either the Vest Harness or Side Holster, and then quickly removed and placed on your favorite tripod.