Contex Introduces PUMA HS 36 Wide Format Color Scanner with iJET Technology

Contex Scanning Technology has announced the PUMA HS 36 Color Scanner. This tri-camera 600dpi optical color and monochrome scanner is a clean-sheet design, providing fast, high quality scanning for users. The PUMA features iJET Technology. The new iJET Panel contains an `easy to use' menu system that enables the setup and activation of full scan-to-print and scan-to-file options directly at the scanner. The standard Ethernet interface and iJET Technology allows the scanner to be directly connected to network printers and users PC's. This full color scanner has a built-in Linux processor to help process the data fast and efficiently.

Additional patented technology found in this scanner is Contex' Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE), All-Wheel drive for smoothly feeding different types of originals, and Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) for thicker originals. It features a full 36"/914mm width imaging area, and efficiently handles all types of documents including large color posters, architectural drawings, detailed maps, and fine art.

The PUMA HS 36 captures 48 bit color data for maximum color recognition, outputting the best 24 bits to ensure true color fidelity. Using an All-Digital camera with advanced point-of-origin color capture and on-board digital conversion ensures the best results and the highest standards for color correctness. The PUMA HS 36 contains advanced technology for color and monochrome image enhancement, providing vivid and clean results from even the most difficult originals. Image processing is embedded in the scanner's hardware enabling the user to perform powerful data capture without delays.

The PUMA HS 36 operator panel has a keyboard and display, which can simply initiate copy and scan tasks directly from the scanner. The buttons can be used for scanning to file, NET, web, copying and e-mailing the originals automatically. The PUMA HS 36 scanner lets you connect directly to your PC by also offering high speed USB as standard. The PUMA HS 36 is available in two configurations, a Base version and a Plus version. The Base version can be upgraded to the Plus version using Contex' unique SmartCardTM Technology, and both support Microsoft's Windows ME, 2000 and XP platforms.