Composition Tips: This Pro Says “Use the Golden Spiral” & Forget About the Rule of Thirds (VIDEO)

If you wonder why we spend so much time discussing techniques for better composition, the answer is simple: No matter what type of images you shoot, a simple shift in framing can make all the difference between a good photograph and a great one.

In this quick tutorial, you’ll see why a method known as the Golden Spiral is “the ultimate composition technique.” Most of you are familiar with the Rule of Thirds, which uses vertical and horizontal lines to divide a scene into nine equal parts. The idea is to place key elements of a photo at the points where lines intersect. Here, you’ll see why the Golden Spiral can be far more effective.

The Golden Spiral, also known as the “Fibonacci Sequence,” is a mathematical pattern found in nature, and long used by artists and filmmakers to compose images that are visually pleasing. And don’t worry if you’re terrible at math: This is an easy concept to master, and all you have to do is watch the video below.

In less than three minutes, this tutorial from Aputure demonstrates how to position elements in a composition so they mimic the spiral in the Fibonacci Sequence. This approach requires a bit of practice, and may not work for every scene you’ll encounter, but it’s very powerful technique when it does.

There are more helpful tips on the Aputure YouTube channel, and be sure to check out another tutorial we posted, with 10 composition tips for being an effective visual storyteller.