ColorVision PrintFIX PRO

Datacolor has introduced ColorVision PrintFIX PRO, a new spectro precision profiling hardware and software package. The PrintFIX PRO's handheld Spectrocolorimeter is designed to meet the needs of discerning photographic professionals as well as graphic designers and digital imaging specialists for quality output with an RGB workflow. A key offering in the ColorVision by Datacolor portfolio of products, ColorVision PrintFIX PRO represents the next generation of the world's most recognizable and honored brand in color calibration, the Spyder2.

ColorVision PrintFIX PRO is designed for use with inkjet, dye-sub, thermal, chemical and laser printers. It comes with stand-alone software for enhanced flexibility. Spectro technology enables support of a wide range of media, especially third party fine art papers, third party inks, and an unlimited range of RGB-driven printers.

The offering comes bundled with the Datacolor 1005 Spectrocolorimeter, patch reading hardware that is a native USB device. PrintFIX PRO rests on a calibration base when not in use and incorporates a spring-loaded wheel containing the device's calibration tiles----critical to maintaining instrument accuracy over time----ensuring they're always on hand when needed.

In order to build the most accurate and consistent profiles on multiple printers, inks, and papers, a patch reader is essential. The PrintFIX PRO patch reader precisely measures calibration targets and saves the data in L*a*b format. It also offers optimized higher patch targets. With precision and ease of use, PrintFIX PRO delivers customized profiling choices according to specific user needs. Some targets can be read in slightly over two-minutes, while more critical use targets can be read in under four. PrintFIX PRO saves read times for the most demanding devices, reducing time requirements from two hours to under 20 minutes and making high patch profiles much more justifiable.

For those serious about prints, the ColorVision PrintFIX PRO Suite is bundled with ColorVision Spyder2PRO the CRT, LCD and notebook monitor calibration hardware/software. The newly launched Spyder2PRO 2.2 also calibrates DLP & LCD projectors. PrintFIX PRO Suite gives creative professionals the assurance of complete color quality, print to presentation and is designed as an integrated hardware/software solution for photographers and artists, delivering a new destination point to today's popular RGB digital workflow of: Capture - Calibrate - Edit - Print/ Display/ Present and Share.

Pricing and Availability
ColorVision PrintFIX PRO --The product includes a Datacolor 1005 Spectrocolorimeter, patch reading hardware and stand-alone software, which utilizes the Universal ColorVision Software Interface, similar to the Spyder2 and SpyderTV, for seamless integration. PrintFIX PRO has a US manufacturers' suggested retail price (MSRP) of $549.

ColorVision PrintFIX PRO Suite - adds ColorVision Spyder2PRO hardware and software; a precise calibration system that color calibrates LCD, CRT and laptop monitors as well as projectors. PrintFIX PRO Suite has a US manufacturers' suggested retail price (MSRP) of $649.