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As subscribers to this monthly eNewsletter, most of you are very familiar with what all the authoritative content in Shutterbug Magazine, and we want to take this opportunity to let everyone know about other ways you can participate in the Shutterbug community via our website and our growing array of social media initiatives.

If you haven’t visited our website lately we encourage you to do so. New Editor Dan Havlik has been posting a lot of timely, new content that you won’t find in print: late-breaking product announcements and reviews, simple tutorials on how to get the best results from your camera and post-capture efforts, important announcements and product advisories from equipment manufacturers, interesting book reviews, and the latest news of interest to serious photographers everywhere.

Of course also features an ever-growing archive of comprehensive product reviews and tutorials designed to help you make informed purchasing decisions and tackle your next photo assignment with confidence. And we strongly encourage everyone to share their work by joining the interactive Galleries on our site. In fact, here’s the link where you can share your best stuff:

Another great way to share your images and communicate with other Shutterbug readers is to become a fan our very popular and rapidly growing Facebook community where you can share images, get inspired by the work of others, discuss topics of interest of photographers and stay current on a wide variety of photocentric issues. We also have periodic “themes” and we courage everyone to take the challenge and post images on whatever topic happens to be current.

And don't forget about our Twitter feed and new Instagram account. In short, this is a call to action to get involved in everything we do!