Here Are the Spectacular Finalists in Nikon’s Small World Photomicrography Contest

Neurons from human skin cells stained green and brain cells stained red. ©Rebecca Nutbrown

Nikon’s annual Small World Competition is the premier showcase for the amazing beauty of images seen through the microscope, and you have an opportunity to cast your vote for the Popular Vote Winner in this prestigious photomicrography contest.

Testis of a fruit fly. ©Christopher Large

The competition is open to anyone with an interest in photography and microscopy, and the official judges’ rankings will be announced on October 19.

Wing cover, abdominal segments and hind leg of a leaf beatle. ©Pia Scanlon

In the meantime, you can add your voice to choose a Popular Vote Winner among the finalists by selecting your favorite images on the gallery website which is updated daily.

Cross section of a stem of barley. ©Dr. Stephen Lowry

Voting closes on October 25, and the popular vote winner will be announced on the competition’s Instagram page. Then, we’ll see if the official judges agree with the popular vote choice.

Viperfish. ©Alvaro Roura

This year marks the 42nd annual edition of the competition, and the official judges all have a strong background in science—each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the event. Some are scientists, while others are researchers, medical professionals, and science journalists.

Espresso coffee crystals. ©Vin Katayama and Sanae Katayama

While the total number of entries in the 2016 event has yet to be tallied, last year the competition received nearly 2000 images from 79 countries.

3D picture of moving vesticles. ©Dr. Erdinc Sergin

The Nikon Small World competition also includes a video category open to any film or digital time lapse seen through the microscope.

Mouse retinal ganglion cells. ©Dr. Keunyoung Kim

You can read more on the Small World website, where you can also cast your vote daily.

Water boatman leg. ©Marek Mis

In the meantime, we’ve selected a few of the leading Popular Vote images to get you inspired.

Underside of a butterfly wing. ©Francis Sneyers
Wasp eyes ©Jochen Schroeder
Poison fangs of a centipede ©Walter Piokowski