Carry Your Camera Right on Your Backpack

Comfortably carry one or two D-SLRs with lens right on your backpack, where you can reach them easily and quickly – that's the ingenious idea behind the BACKPACK STRAP by SUN-SNIPER.

SUN-SNIPER's newest innovation solves the problem common to many hikers, mountain climbers, photo journalists and nature photographers - people who carry a backpack and need to have their camera nearby and ready to go in an instant. Instead of having to carry a backpack and a separate camera strap, owners of the BACKPACK STRAP can simply use their backpacks to transport their ready-to-shoot cameras. The SUN-SNIPER BACKPACK STRAP is fastened directly to the backpack. The backpack strap cushion evenly distributes the weight of the camera and lens, ensuring that your back is treated gently. The integrated SHOCK-ABSORBER – another highly praised SUN-SNIPER specialty – absorbs additional jolts and vibrations, making carrying equipment up to 5 kg a pleasure.

The BACKPACK STRAP fits on any commercial backpack. It is hooked to the backpack's upper and lower straps with carabiners. The camera is suspended at optimal hip height and easy to reach at any time. The unique ball-bearing camera screw made of high-quality stainless steel provides a secure connection between the valuable camera equipment and the BACKPACK STRAP. The screw is easily inserted in the camera or lens, but substantial force is needed to remove it again. The essential component of the screw is the integrated, easy-to-turn ball bearing. It ensures that the camera is always suspended in the right position and the strap does not get twisted.

A SUN-SNIPER BACKPACK STRAP can be attached to each of the two straps on the backpack; so the photographer can carry a camera/lens unit on each side and not be restricted in his/her movements.

In addition to comfort and lightning-quick access, the new strap offers reliable protection from loss and theft of your equipment: The BACKPACK STRAP contains an integrated stainless steel cord that resists even a knife, a tool of choice amongst professional thieves. SUN-SNIPER GmbH offers the owner a guarantee for this security feature: If you register within 14 days of purchasing the BACKPACK STRAP, you will receive up to 400 Euro in compensation, should a thief manage to slash the BACKPACK STRAP with a knife and steal the camera.

The SUN-SNIPER BACKPACK STRAP is available now from authorized retailers, manufacturer's suggested retail price 49 EUR. Or it can be purchased at