Cancer Therapist Mimics Celebrity Pics to Raise Money for Patients with These Hilarious Photos

Mark Udovitch is an Australian radiation therapist with a great sense of humor; a rare commodity is his line of work. He recently came up with a unique way to raise money for cancer patients with his “Dry Shave Off” project, in which he mimics several famous celebrity photos featuring his long hair which he plans to shave off tomorrow.

Udovitch was inspired to make a difference after watching patients lose their hair due to chemotherapy and decided to grow his hair until there was plenty to shave off. After two and a half years, and a series of hilarious photos, he’ll shave his head tomorrow alongside 15 other radiation therapists, medical physicists and nurses.

As he told the UK website Metro, the project doesn’t end after he goes bald tomorrow. “I would like to do Sinead O’Connor and a few others. I have never shaved my head before so I will need to see what I actually look like and take it from there!”

The July Shave Off project is documented on Facebook, and you can make a donation here.


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Really I like “Dry Shave Off” project to raise money for patients. He able to mimics several famous celebrity photos featuring his long hair. This is the best idea to help them. I like it very much because I want it now like this to raise money for poor students for their living and their education.we have to contribute something to them so that they can also improve and live happy.I usually like funny memes very much and send them to my friends and relations so that they can also enjoy.