Can You Use Colored LED Lights for a Fitness Photography Shoot? (VIDEO)

Fitness photographer Brett Seeley has been on a roll with his photo tutorials lately. After previously sharing two popular videos with posing tips for fitness shoots (here and here), Seeley is back with a great lighting tutorial.

In the below video, he looks at whether you can use colorful constant (aka continuous) lights for a fitness photography shoot and shares what the results will be. In the clip, Seeley travels to San Diego to team up with a friend to photograph a fitness model using Godox TL60 RGB tube lights.

"We're going to show you the power of LED tube lights," Seeley says. "We have one LED tube light, it's a Godox TL60, we're using it as a key light here on a boom arm, horizontal, to try to light our faces evenly. But I'm going to show you how you can do a photo shoot with video lights and how adding a little bit of color can spice up your shoot."

For his fitness shoot with model Elena Romanova, Seeley uses four colored TL60s: two blues and two pinks.

"We're going to see how you can do a photo shoot by shooting video," he explains. "What we're going to do is shoot video and from there pulling screen grabs for photos."

While it's an unusual shoot, Seeley is confident his model is up to the task to bring the most out of the cool neon-like lighting. "She is super experienced," Seeley says about Romanova. "She's shot more than a thousand times and we're going to see if we can get some good shots of her."

Watch below to see what happens. Make sure you stick around till the end (around the 5:25-mark) where Seeley shows you why his original model might have not have worked out for this particular shoot.