Can a Pro Photographer Tell the Difference Between a $400 Camera vs a $4,000 Camera? Can You? (VIDEO)

Here’s a fun game from photographer and popular YouTube personality Peter McKinnon. Can you tell the difference between images shot with a $400 camera vs. those shot with a $4000 camera?

In the below video, McKinnon shows photos he captured with an entry-level Canon Rebel DSLR and with the pro-worthy Canon R mirrorless camera to his professional photographer friend Gabriel to see if he can tell the difference. We won’t give away how Gabriel does in this game but let’s just say the results are…very interesting.

Next, he asks you to play along by flashing several photos on the screen taken with the $400 Canon DSLR and with the $4000 Canon mirrorless camera. Could you tell which was which? How many did you get right?

Well, that’s just the beginning or, more accurately, the set-up for McKinnon’s video. He spends the rest of the episode talking about the importance and/or lack of importance of expensive gear in photography, while breaking down the image quality of both cameras.

“Cheap cameras. Can you still make a living?” McKinnon asks. “Can you play this game with cheap gear or do you need to spend thousands?”

It’s a fun and revealing watch that addresses some common gear questions and whether the pursuit of the pricey is really worth it. Check it out and then check out the rest of McKinnon’s awesome photography videos on his YouTube channel.