Camera Basics EVERY Photographer Should Know, According to Peter McKinnon (VIDEO)

It's taken him a while, but photographer Peter McKinnon has finally completed Part Three of his Camera Basics video series. To learn some essential camera knowledge, watch the free 15-minute tutorial below immediately.

And if you missed Camera Basics 1 and Camera Basics 2 from McKinnon, you can watch them here and here. Even if you know your way around a camera and are fairly adept at digital photography and/or video, it's worth checking out this entire series as a refresher course. McKinnon presents the info in his usual fun and approachable way.

In the latest installment below, he covers three key aspects about cameras/photography that you need to know in 2020: Raw vs. JPEG, Crop Sensors vs. Full Frame Sensors, and DSLRs vs Mirrorless.

"If you're new to photography, if you're new to video, and you're trying to figure out what camera to buy, what settings to use, this is the place to be," McKinnon says. "Welcome, good to have you and this is the series."

The Camera Basics series started in 2018 and now, here we are, in 2020 with the third part completed. We only hope McKinnon will continue these tutorials further. He has been busy though, as you can see from visiting his excellent YouTube channel.

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