Calumet Genesis For Entry-Level Studio Lighting

Calumet Photographic offers affordable yet sophisticated self-contained flash units, the Genesis 200w/s and 400w/s moonlights. These flash units provide all the power and lighting control needed to create professional-looking portraits and great still-life tabletop photographs. They provide recycling times as low as one second. The Genesis flash units' 5-volt sync voltage is even safe for today's digital cameras.

The convenient rear control panel of each Genesis offers a full range of flash controls. Each model features digital, variable flash-output controls that allow for adjustment of power levels over a 5-stop range. The user can also switch from full to proportional modeling with the press of a button. A built-in infrared slave cell provides wireless flash synchronization and it is adjustable to increase or decrease sensitivity, depending upon the working environment. An audible flash-ready alarm sounds when the Genesis is fully charged and ready to go.

Other notable features of the Genesis line include:
· Easy-lock interchangeable reflectors
· Built-in umbrella mount
· User-replaceable flash tube
· Convenient carry handle
· Universal 5/8" mounting and easy angle-adjustments

The Genesis 200 is a 200w/s monolight has a Guide Number of 125 (ft.) and offers flash-output controls over a 5-stop range. The one light kit, including stand and umbrella is currently on sale for $169.99. The two light kit with two stands and umbrellas is on sale for $319.99. The 200 weighs just 4.2 lbs. The Genesis 400 is a 400w/s monolight has a Guide Number of 160 (ft.) and offers flash-output controls over a 5-stop range. Each Genesis comes with an umbrella reflector, flash tube, 150w modeling lamp, sync cord, power cord and a protective cap. The 400 one light kit is on sale for $299.99, or $569.99 for the two light kit.