Calumet Adds Two Hits To Photographic DVD Series

The Calumet Imagemaker DVD Series adds two powerful titles to its collection of instructional and educational videos, The Power of Light: Studio & Location Lighting with Tony Corbell, and Black & White Film Photography: Fred Picker’s Classic Trilogy.

In The Power of Light, acclaimed photographer, lighting expert and photo educator Tony Corbell teaches the techniques necessary to compete in professional photography. He provides powerful tips and tricks for taking stunning pictures inside the studio and on location.

Corbell talks about his new philosophy on exposure, plus discusses in detail the theory of light quality based on the size of the source and how it relates to the distance to the subject. He shows how to use flash outdoors and how to take great portraits working with direct sunlight.

Black & White Film Photography: Fred Picker’s Classic Trilogy is a compilation of three timeless videos about traditional black-and-white photography produced by the late Fred Picker from 1989 to 1992. "These days it is very rare that a new product is created for the traditional black-and-white film user, “ says Richard Newman, Calumet’s Director of Education. “But film is still in great demand in the educational market.”

Picker was an innovative photographer, author and teacher whose dedication to large format photography brought joy to many photographers. The DVD shows how Fred photographed, developed his negatives and made his prints with precision and passion. “We are hopeful the compilation of Photographing, The Negative, and Printing will help keep his voice and his memory alive,” Newman says.

The Power of Light with Tony Corbell (CE9935) retails for $39.99, while Black & White Film Photography: Fred Picker’s Classic Trilogy (CE9940) also retails for $39.99. Visit one of Calumet’s 10 retail centers, call 1-800-CALUMET or go to