Broncolor Verso A2 Power Pack

The Broncolor Verso A2 Power Pack is said to be an ideal lighting solution for studio and location photographers, thanks to its ability to utilize an AC or Battery power source. The Broncolor Power Pack combines high intensity output and short recharge time, and features sturdy, reinforced aluminum and hard rubber construction for added durability and protection during transport.

Providing a total flash output of 1200J, its circuitry enables flash energy to be distributed between two channels and a maximum of three lamp connections. The A2 gives photographers a power control range of no less than seven f-stops throughout virtually the system's entire output range (1200J to 9J). In turn, this corresponds to a 1:128 contrast ratio, providing photographers with many creative lighting options and fine control. In addition, the characteristics and contrast of the modeling light precisely match those of the final image when using the system's strobe.

Flash recycling is said to be extremely fast, whether in the studio or on location using the portable Power Dock. When operating the Broncolor Verso A2 on mains (electric) power, it charges to full capacity in less than one second. When using the system's portable Power Dock, charging time is a mere 1.5 seconds when used at its maximum output.

The Power Dock, consisting of a battery package with integrated charging unit, as well as an independent processor for battery management and monitoring of the modeling light, is attached to the bottom of the power pack. With normal charging and at full flash output, the Broncolor Power Dock provides power for approximately 450 flashes, and more than 50,000 flashes when set on minimum power.

The Broncolor Verso A2 also operates on any mains voltage, from 100-230 V, and automatically adjusts to the specified voltage without the need for special adapters. For Power Dock operation, full compatibility with the Pulso G, Unilite, Picolite and Litestick is guaranteed. The Broncolor Verso A2 is also available in an RFS (Radio Frequency System) version.

The new Broncolor Verso A2 Power Pack will be available in June and has a catalog price of $5175 for the pack, with the power dock priced at $1835.