BosStrap OP Camera Sling

BosStrap has reengineered the BosStrap Camera Sling System with an improved one piece design, the BosStrap OP Camera Sling.

The BosStrap OP always remains attached to your Camera, but there are significant differences compared to conventional neck straps. Sling straps incorporate a sliding fitting that moves along the strap, not requiring the strap itself to move. In use, the camera glides smoothly along the strap up to your eye; when not in use the camera rests comfortably at your hip. The sling design dates back to 1885.

The BosStrap OP adds to the best features of the original BosStrap Camera Sling System:
• One piece construction – never worry about the camera becoming disconnected from the strap,
• Longer tail - allows more angular adjustment of the 1½” BosStrap to fine tune comfort,
• Significantly reduced metal parts – avoids metal contact with the camera body,
• Attaches to the left camera strap lug –easily switch from hand-held to tripod without removing anything,
• No straps in the way when shooting horizontal or vertical – strap does not interfere with controls,
• Tripod socket is always available,
• No shoulder pad is required – nothing to constantly move back in place,
• Comfortable, smooth, strong nylon seat belt webbing – 1½” wide to distribute the camera weight,
• Frees both hands – camera safely remains at your side when not in use,
• Engineered to support over 60 pounds -10x the typical weight of a professional rig,
• Easy to stow – simply wrap the BosStrap OP around your lens,
• Simple one piece design – remains on the camera,
• No fittings, buckles or screws to disconnect, ever!
• BosStrap is entirely made with USA parts and labor – right down to the thread!
• Low cost – just $39.95

Put one on your camera and leave it on. BosStrap OP remains attached to the camera.

The BosStrap OP Sling Strap retails for $39.95.

Contact BosStrap at or call (508) 251-1345 for more information.

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Good reviews.This adjustable shoulder strap lets you carry a camera for fast access when you find the perfect shot. - James Stuckey