Book Reviews

Digital Photo Art: Transform Your Images With Traditional And Contemporary Art Techniques; by Theresa Airey, Lark Books; 208 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-57990-580-3)
This fascinating guide explores the ways in which computer technology can be harnessed to transform your images into amazing works of digital art. The various mixed media techniques utilize some of today's most popular software programs as well as a selection of time-honored hands-on techniques. The painterly results are impressive and will elevate your work to the highest levels of creativity.

Photographing Changing Light: A Guide For Landscape Photographers; by Ken Scott, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.; 168 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-86108-380-7)
This book contains a rich bounty of professional quality tips that are certain to improve your outdoor photography skills. Ken Scott provides highly detailed advice on how to capture perfect images in any kind of weather conditions. This valuable information is expertly paired with an ample supply of sample images and lists of the equipment used to create each shot. The clever addition of exercises carefully designed to reinforce the lessons are essential and greatly speed up the
learning process.

The Best Of Wedding Photojournalism: Techniques And Images From The Pros; by Bill Hurter, Amherst Media; 128 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 1-58428-122-7)
The field of wedding photography is rapidly evolving to include a large number of different artist styles. Today, wedding photojournalism is one of the hottest trends and this guide will assist you in exploring this fascinating style of photography and easily apply it to your own work. The book contains over 175 stunning sample images from over 35 top professionals. Hurter deftly uses these examples to bring his lesson into razor sharp focus as you learn the vital skills required to master wedding photojournalism.

Our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges: Capturing The Rhythms Of Light And Land; by Jim Jamieson, ImageStream Press, 176 pages; $34.95; (ISBN 0-9729126-1-4)
National Parks and Wildlife Refuges all across America offer nature photographers an endless bounty of unique opportunities to capture amazing images. Accomplished photographer and author Jim Jamieson has crafted this book to help you make the most of those special moments. He offers sage advice on which type of equipment to use and how to find the best locations along with proven techniques that will let you create the perfect image in nearly any situation.