Book Reviews

Mastering Digital Photography And Imaging; by Peter K. Burian; Sybex Inc., 1151 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA 94501; soft cover; 271 pages; $29.99; (ISBN 0-7821-4290-7)
Since digital technology is rapidly becoming more affordable and producing better results many traditional photographers are seeing the benefits of making the switch. The transition can be confusing to a new user but professional photographer Peter Burian has created a wonderful resource to answer all your questions and simplify this complex subject. His guide provides a wealth of data on everything from choosing the right equipment and software to tips on how to capture the perfect image, alter it in an imaging program, and transform it into a format that can be sent by e-mail or made into an online album. He guides you every step of the way as you dive into this exciting new world.

Rajasthan; by Pauline van Lynden; Assouline Publishing, 601 West 26th Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10001; hard cover; 320 pages; $65; (ISBN 2-84323-446-8)
This beautiful tome documents van Lynden's 15 year quest to explore the many wonders of Rajasthan. Her amazing collection of 350 images are ablaze with a joyous blaze of vibrant colors and sparkling metals that transport the reader to another place and time. Each chapter is accompanied by an essay that provides depth and a sense of greater understanding to the images that follow. The words and photographs combine to create a unique experience that you won't soon forget.

Night Visions: The Secret Designs Of Moths; by Joseph Scheer, introductions by Marc Epstein and Johanna Drucker; Prestel, 175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 402, New York, NY, 10010; hard cover; 120 pages; $45; (ISBN 3-7913-2968-5)
The moth is a misunderstood creature that has often been overshadowed by its more flamboyant cousin, the butterfly. Scheer has sought to rectify this oversight with his magnificent images of various species of moths that are as wondrous as they are unexpected. The 150 photographs reveal the diverse colors, shapes, and sizes of these specimens which prove moths to be just as fanciful and complex as any butterfly. The images alone are worth the price of this title but the addition of informative captions add a new layer of depth and interest that is sure to capture your attention.

Scrapbooking Your Family History; by Maureen Taylor; Betterway Books, an imprint of F&W Publications, Inc., 4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236; soft cover; 141 pages; $24.99; (ISBN 1-55870-683-6)
Your heritage is precious, so why not transform those dusty old family photos into a scrapbook for future generations to cherish. Taylor will be your expert guide as she explains how to chart your family tree, research and interview relatives, locate images and archive them safely. When the fact finding is done Taylor provides useful tips on how to use this information to bring the story of your family to life in the pages of a well crafted album that includes background information, images, and heirlooms. It's certainly a labor of love but a task that is well worth the effort.

Photographing Your Garden; by David Bjurstrom; Sterling Publishing CO., Inc., 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016; hard cover; 128 pages; $24.95; (ISBN 0-8069-6889-3)
The lush landscape of a tranquil garden offers a myriad of opportunities to capture the delicate beauty of nature on film. Fortunately, you won't have to waste time searching for the most perfect bloom or eye catching composition because Bjurstrom reveals the secrets behind the creation of these stunning photographs and how to achieve fantastic results with ease. He covers everything from equipment to film, settings, exposure, composition, light, and styling with the aid of full color illustrations and technical tips. Grab a copy of this title and discover the wonders waiting in your garden.