Blurb BookSmart 2.0, New 12x12 Large Square Book Size

Blurb, the creative publishing and marketing platform that enables anyone to design, publish, share and sell bookstore-quality books, announced the release of Blurb BookSmart 2.0, and introduced its new 12x12 Large Square book offering, available immediately. The 12x12 Large Square book is available in Hardcover and Hardcover ImageWrap, and can be ordered with Premium Paper. BookSmart 2.0 is available for download now at

BookSmart 2.0 includes many new features that give creative professionals full control in the customization of their book layouts, down to the pixel. The introduction of flexible containers allows bookmakers to control the size, location, layers and content type of all elements on the page. Precision tool bars, gridlines for quick visual guidance, and the ability to save designed pages as custom layouts for reuse all elevate the bookmaking experience and offer extended flexibility for advanced users and consumers alike.

“Extending the photographic process into bookmaking is a natural progression,” says Dan Milnor, professional photographer. “I’m a photographer, not a designer, but from time to time I need more flexibility in my book design. Having the ability to move things around using flexible containers without having to buy, install and learn a heavy-duty, expensive design program is perfect for my bookmaking needs.”

“The flexibility of the new 12x12 book size is ideal for photographers who shoot square format, as well as those who have a mix of portrait and landscape images,” said Eileen Gittins, founder and CEO of Blurb. “We are particularly pleased that the new BookSmart 2.0 also enables folks to expand, move, and add text and image containers on any layout – a degree of flexibility that our customers have been asking for. Both of these innovations have been under development for several months, and when coupled with many performance and stability improvements in BookSmart, represent a big leap forward for Blurb.”

BookSmart 2.0 has improved workflow with the new option to save custom book templates for use on other book projects, greatly improving the workflow for professionals who want to reuse custom templates on similar projects. BookSmart 2.0 also features improved image and text handling, including the ability to find and replace text, and faster loading and caching of images. Additional features include 24-bit color support, and support for Vista.

Blurb BookSmart 2.0 is available for download immediately at