Black Widow Camera Holster

Spider Holster, a company specializing in unique holster-style carrying solutions for photographers, today announced its new Spider Holster Black Widow Camera Holster, which offers entry-level DSLR camera users comfort and security combined with quick-draw access. By moving the camera to the photographer’s hip, the Holster concept eliminates neck, shoulder and back strain as well as the discomfort caused by a cameras dangling from traditional straps. Ideal for shooters wanting to keep their hands free at all times while ensuring their camera is ready for action, the lightweight Black Widow is a comfortable and secure fast-access carrying solution.

Combining the strength of stainless steel and heavy-duty resin, the lightweight and durable Black Widow was designed to take entry-level DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras from hip to hand in a flash. Perfect for hands-free carrying, the Black Widow is ideal when setting up a tripod, cheering on a favorite sports team or pushing a baby carriage on vacation. The Black Widow allows great freedom of movement and positions the camera where it’s always poised for action with a degree of comfort unattainable with traditional straps and bags.

“Having your camera ready means you won’t ever miss that perfect shot” said Shai Eynav, President of Spider Holster. “Traditionally this has meant accepting the strain of carrying a camera on a neck strap or in a shoulder bag which can be taxing or even damaging to the body. With the Black Widow Camera Holster, the camera stays put at the photographer’s hip, providing maximum comfort while ensuring that the user is in the best possible position to capture life’s best moments. Professionals who need immediate access to their equipment already rely on our products and we’re thrilled to provide a holster that every DSLR user can enjoy.”

While the Black Widow easily threads onto any leather belt, Spider Holster is also offering its own Black Widow Belt. A favorite accessory among female photographers, the Holster belt is designed for unparalleled all-day comfort and matches the Black Widow’s sleek appeal. Also available as an accessory, the Black Widow Plate positions the camera to hang upside down so the valuable lens is not pointed at the ground or jutting out from the body, while also ensuring that any quick release plate can be used to mate with the user’s own tripod.

In addition to providing a comfortable carrying solution, the Black Widow also offers added peace of mind. When the camera is slid into the holster, the Black Widow’s built-in locking mechanism makes an audible click so the photographer knows the camera is properly positioned and secure. The automatic locking-style provides added security for rigorous situations and a theft deterrent for crowded spaces, yet the spring-loaded release switch enables the photographer to maintain quick-access at all times to their camera.

The Spider Holster Black Widow holster system is compatible with any camera and will be available for an MSRP of $55. To find a local retail outlet or purchase direct, please visit the Spider Holster website at:

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I have other brand of camera holster and I was not comfortable to use. I think I should try this one. - Wesley Upchurch