Bibble Labs Intros Bibble 5 Raw Workflow Software

Bibble 5 is said to be the culmination of years of development and draws on Bibble Labs 8-year heritage as a developer photographic workflow and RAW conversion software. Bibble 5 improves upon all aspects of photographic workflow, offering finer control over image quality and adjustments, huge speed gains, and flexible workflow and usability. Bibble 5 is said to bring a new level of speed to your photographic workflow -- with amazingly fast imports, exports and on-screen performance. Overall application responsiveness and real-time editing are essentially unaffected by background operations like importing or exporting, so photographers can multi-task and move through thousands of photos with lightning speed. With our advanced, priority-based scheduling system, taking full advantage of multi-core and multi-CPU computers, Bibble 5 brings unparalleled efficiency to your photographic post-processing. At up to 88 times faster than competing applications on high-end hardware, Bibble 5 allows you to spend less time waiting and more time creating. Bibble 5 also works up to twice as fast as Bibble 4 on less powerful computers and laptops.

Bibble 5 also provides complete and uncompromised selective editing, allowing photographers to selectively apply essentially any image adjustment with Bibble 5's Layers & Regions control, providing maximum creative freedom. Create multiple layers with circular, polygonal, curved or painter regions, that include any of Bibble 5's expansive editing tools to hone in on the look you want. Bibble 5's Selective Editing is completely non-destructive, and isn't limited to a small set of tools. Further, Selective Editing is tightly incorporated into a complete Bibble 5 workflow: copy & paste regions from image to image, and add, delete, rename, and re-order layers & regions in the Layer Manager.

Bibble 5 includes an advanced and fast Digital Asset Management system to help photographers organize and catalog their work, while allowing flexibility and openness like no other application on the market. Photographers may search, browse, and edit in multiple catalogs simultaneously with images stored on local, external or network drives. Sorting, filtering, tagging, rating, and keywording hundreds or thousands of images is painless and fast - making Bibble 5 the ideal culling and sorting application.

As powerful and complete as Bibble 5's asset management framework is, we understand some photographers already have an organizational system that works for them. With this in mind, Bibble 5's Asset Management system is entirely optional and supports the 'direct from the file-system' approach, so photographers that already have a tried-and-true method of folder-based organization are not forced into importing and cataloging their work. Bibble 5 also supports 3rd Party Asset Management tools - offering the most flexible workflow in the industry.

Overall usability in Bibble 5's User Interface has been greatly improved. Bibble 5 allows you total freedom to design your workflow to match your needs and demands. Some of Bibble 5's workflow features include:
* Image Comparison View: View one or several images at a time. 'Lock' several displays together to zoom and pan images to choose among similar images, or 'Unlock' the displays to focus on different portions of different images.
* Simultaneously Browse & Seach one or more Catalogs using shooting info (EXIF), IPTC data, Ratings and Keywords
* Presets that can include image settings & metadata which work alone or as part of a batch import or export. Simple but powerful Preset creation and management tools.
* Image Edit History to easily see what adjustments have been applied to your images
* Sort by name, date, rating, tag, label, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, or custom sort order * Multiple versions per master image to apply many treatments to a single photo
* Hotkey editor allowing you to assign shortcuts to your favorite functions
* Intelligent renamer works during import, export or while browsing your Library * Group images into Stacks to prevent clutter and speed your workflow * Keyword Sets and Hotkeys simplify keywording. Keyword Manager to import, export, and manage keywords and keyword sets * Includes the industry's only RAW-level 3rd Party plug-in interface

From World-Class Noise Reduction with Noise Ninja Technology to One-Touch image optimization from Perfectly Clear, Bibble 5 has integrated some of the best technology in the industry into a single workflow application. Every adjustment - including 3rd Party Plugins -- is non-destructive, applied in real-time, undoable, and logged in your Edit History.

Pricing and Availability Bibble 5 Pro will be available in Q4 of 2008 at an initial price of $199.95, and will continue to be offered for Windows, OSX, and linux. Bibble version 4 will continue to be available until Bibble 5 is released, and purchasers of Bibble 4 will receive a free upgrade to Bibble 5, when available. Visit