Best Instagram Photographer to Follow During Shark Week: Michael Muller

Michael Muller loves photographing sharks, especially without being encumbered by things like protective cages or restrictive safety gear. While it may seem dangerous to you and I, to him, it’s a big rush.

"How do I describe being out of a cage with 40 bull sharks swimming around you?,” he once told Carson Daly on Last Call. "It's hard to get across the endorphin rush, the joy, the thrill of this experience."

Along with being something of a daredevil, Muller is an amazing photographer, capturing the beauty of these impressive creatures, which have not changed much during millions of years of evolution. Muller’s “hijacked” the Discovery Channel’s Instagram account this week to become the unofficial Instagram photographer of Shark Week. His mission is a positive one.

“My only hope is that this year people walk away with the facts, we are killing 100 million sharks a year. Many species face extinction,” he said on his Instagram account. “I hope we as a people can find a way to balance these numbers so they can sustain as a species.”

See some of his Instagram shots of sharks embedded below and follow him here.  Check out his website here.

(Via Imaging Resource)